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Auger Drill Rigs
Track Drills (Bombardiers)
With the Track Drills we can do hollow stem and standard auger work along with SPT and DCPT testing. These drills can be backed up with a portable decon unit which can come along with the service truck upon request.
auger drilling
Truck  Drill
This drill offers comfort and ease to both driller and your field personnel. The truck is mounted with a double flashing light bar on the cab for safer roadside and highway drilling programs. Features this rig offers are an engineer - cab which has lights and heat for comfotable sample analysis and book work. Running water just outside the door with soap and towels. A large water tank is deck mounted along with a steam cleaner and a generator for power of 110 and 220V. We feature an on board wash water containment system which we can place into drums or dump in an area directed by your personnel.
The Truck Drill is set up for hollow stem and standard auger, along with an auto hammer for SPT and DCPT use.
grout truck
          Grout Truck